The Peak in Hong Kong

The Peak in Hong Kong


This weeks photo is taken from the Peak in Hong Kong several years ago on my first solo international trip.  This isn’t the sharpest or best photo from this fabulous vantage point over the city but it’s the one from my collection that encapsulates so…

Eikan-do Temple

Eikan-do Temple in Kyoto


Eikan-do is one of those temples that we wandering into off of the Philosophers Path without any intent or prior conception of what to expect.  That can be a blessing and a curse.  It’s nice to experience everything with completely fresh eyes and no expectations but also…

Shinkensen at the station

10 of the best day trips from Kyoto


As much as I enjoy wandering the streets of Kyoto and immersing myself in the unique ambiance and flow of the city, it’s also a very convenient base to use for exploring the mid section of Japans main island, Honshu.  Kyoto has less of that big…

Hikone castle

A visit to Hikone Castle town


Hikone Castle is an Edo period castle in Shiga Prefecture.  It’s one of only 12 castles in Japan where the main keep is still standing and one of only 4 that are listed as National Treasures.  On a previous trip to Japan we visited Himeji…

Golden Pavillion

15 of the Best Temples in Kyoto


With over 1600 Buddhist temples in Kyoto we barely scratched the surface even with multiple visits to the city over several years.  Of course not all are famous, or even open to the public on a regular basis.  Some you would need to attend during…

A Dome in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Self Guided Walking Tour


Our first stay in Hiroshima was planned mostly to give us a full day to explore Miyajima Island, it wasn’t until we were sitting on the Shinkensen from Tokyo that I started wondering how I would actually feel wandering around Hiroshima.  It’s a city with…

Philosophers Path

Philosophers Path in Kyoto


The Philosophers Path in Kyoto (called Tetsugaku-no-michi in Japanese) runs alongside a section of the Lake Biwa canal lined with cherry trees in the northern Higashiyama (eastern hills) district of Kyoto.  It begins at Ginkaku-ji (the silver pavilion) and ends at Nanzen-ji.  Along the path you can…

Meiji Shrine | 2 Aussie Travellers

A visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo


As we passed by the unique Harajuku subway building to the start of the walking path down to Meiji Shrine I was struck by the scale of the place.  In a city with the population density of Tokyo you would imagine there would be very little…

What to see, do and where to eat in Kobe, Japan

What to see & do in Kobe


In this City Guide we’ll introduce some of our top things to see & do in Kobe.  It’s a lovely, vibrant and modern city less than an hour by train from Kyoto and Osaka which makes it perfect for a day trip.  Most of these…

Mount Fuji | 2 Aussie Travellers

A day trip to Hakone


We decided that a trip to Hakone had to be included on our winter trip when we woke up one morning in Tokyo, flung open the curtains of our room at the Hotel New Otani and were greeted with an amazing view of Mt Fuji…

Gango-ji Temple | 2 Aussie Travellers

Gango-ji Temple in Nara


I hear some people say they are ‘templed out’ in Japan meaning they don’t want to visit any more of them but it’s not something I can relate to on a personal level.  Temples and shrines are such an intregal part of life in Japan…

Ginkaku-ji Temple | 2 Aussie Travellers

Ginkaku-ji | The Silver Pavilion


The Ginkaku-ji temple is in the north east Higashiyama district of Kyoto, which means it’s nestled into the eastern hills at the northern end of the Philosophers path.  As we were staying at the Hotel Granvia in Kyoto station on this trip and the station…