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Jamies Italian Brisbane

Jamies Italian in Brisbane

A few weeks ago after a bit of bribery and negotiation I convinced Drew and a couple of friends it was well past time we tried out Jamies Italian Restaurant in Brisbane on Edward Street in the city.  It had after all been open almost…

Blueberry Chutney

Blueberry and bourbon chutney

The weather is so hot and sticky at the moment that I’m looking for ideas for meals we can take down to the beach and eat in the little bit of sea breeze that’s down there in the evening.  To make a cold tea look…

Tangy lemon and blueberry slice

Tangy blueberry lemon slice

I’ve been experimenting with surplus fruit and a dehydrator recently.  My myer lemon tress have fruited madly all summer and now I have several very pretty little jars of myer lemon dust calling to me from my pantry. For the lemon dust I simply  peel a…

Japanese Teas

5 Traditional Japanese Teas

I’m a tea drinker, I love most kinds of tea I’ve tried over the years but traditional Japanese teas are among my favourites.  They are unashamedly bold and sometimes bitter but always layered with flavour and complexity.  On our travels in Japan we’ve actively searched…

Focaccia loaf

Recipe: Quick & Simple Focaccia Loaf

Health issues and getting older have made me a little more aware of what I put on and in my body.  I certainly won’t get to the stage of baking all my bread from scratch but this focaccia loaf tastes great and is handy for…

Creamy Mango Icecream | 2AussieTravellers.com

Recipe: Creamy mango ice-cream

I couldn’t resist a tray of ripe and rosy mangos for $15 and as I’ve been promising to either use the icecream maker again or make some space in the cupboard I thought I’d try making a creamy mango ice-cream with a couple of them….

Omen Noodles | 2AussieTravellers.com

Great noodles at Omen Restaurant in Kyoto

Omen is one of my favourite restaurants in Kyoto, and that’s really a strong recommendation as there are a LOT of amazing restaurants in Kyoto.  I love Japanese food and we’ve found some many great options across Kyoto but it’s the variety and seasonal tasting…


Jan Powers Manly Markets

I love farm fresh produce and with weekend markets springing up all across Brisbane city it’s now getting easier to find tasty, organic fruit and vegetables.  Jan Powers hosts a variety of Brisbane markets but the first and third Saturday of the month is our local,…


My favourite roadtrip Gingernut recipe

I was throwing together a quick batch of biscuits for a picnic over the weekend and realised I’d been making this gingernut recipe for well over 30 years.  Eek! Well I don’t know how that’s possible, clearly the math doesn’t work. It’s an awesome back pocket…

Crispy prosciutto pizza

Recipe: Crispy Prosciutto Pizza

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect light, crispy and thin pizza base and I think I’ve found it.  Since cutting out processed food and additives from my diet I’ve found the dietary constraints don’t really bother me but over the last couple of…

Baileys and White Chocolate Fudge

Recipe: Baileys and White Chocolate Fudge

Do you need to ‘bring a plate’ or pull together a quick make and take gift?  This Baileys and White Chocolate Fudge is always a hit and so quick and easy to put together.  Unlike many confectionery recipes, you don’t need a candy thermometer or…