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Colour me Brisbane Light-up

Colour Me Brisbane is part of the G20 Cultural Event Programme that kicked off on Friday 24th October and runs through until the 9th November.  Each evening the Brisbane CBD is visually transformed into an amazing after dark sensation.  All your favourite city spots will be bathed in images of colourful contemporary art and the flags of the world.

The key locations to make sure you check out after dark are:

  • Parliament House
  • Commissariat Store
  • Queens Park
  • Southpac
  • QPAC
  • Courts Lawn
  • Riverside Centre Plaza, and
  • King George Square

The light-up runs from 6pm to 11pm each evening and in case you were wondering will be run on green energy supplied by a climate friendly Australian wind farm .

Head off down George street to enjoy the Colour me Brisbane Carnivale of dance and sound and just so you don’t miss anything here’s the map of key sites.

colour me brisbane
colour me brisbanee
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane
colour me brisbane

Parliament House is a little out of the way but the beautiful historic building founded in 1864 is the perfect canvas for the lights in motion display and was my absolute favourite.  The Treasury Hotel plays less often but with the choir on the balconies it is quite a spectacle when it does.  The adjacent Commissariat Store dates back to 1829 and is one of only two buildings still standing in Brisbane with a history back to the convict period, again its striking architecture plays well with the brightly coloured light display.

The multi-cultural festival has something for everyone.  On Saturday night there were Brazilian styled carnival performers in neon bikinis, adorable junior b-boys (who would be horrified to be called adorable I’m sure), choir music, rap, King Neptune and hip hop happening around the city streets.

Why not make a night of it, dinner, a few drink stops and see the city lit up as never before.

Have you been into Brisbane’s own 2014 son et lumieres?


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