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Golden Pavillion

15 of the Best Temples in Kyoto

In a city of over 1600 temples, you are going to need to quickly narrow down your choice. The most visually stunning, the most interesting history, the most spectacular garden in all seasons. These 15 represent some of the best temples in Kyoto for visitors – which will be top of your list?

Hiroshima A-dome

Hiroshima Self Guided Walking Tour

Our first stay in Hiroshima was planned mostly to give us a full day to explore Miyajima Island, it wasn’t until we were sitting on the Shinkansen from Tokyo that I started wondering how I would actually feel wandering around Hiroshima.  It’s a city with…

Philosophers Path

Philosophers Path in Kyoto

The Philosophers Path in Kyoto (called Tetsugaku-no-michi in Japanese) runs alongside a section of the Lake Biwa canal lined with cherry trees in the northern Higashiyama (eastern hills) district of Kyoto.  It begins at Ginkaku-ji (the silver pavilion) and ends at Nanzen-ji.  Along the path you can…

Meiji Shrine | 2 Aussie Travellers

A visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

As we passed by the unique Harajuku subway building to the start of the walking path down to Meiji Shrine I was struck by the scale of the place.  In a city with the population density of Tokyo you would imagine there would be very little…

Gango-ji Temple | 2 Aussie Travellers

Gango-ji Temple in Nara

I hear some people say they are ‘templed out’ in Japan meaning they don’t want to visit any more of them but it’s not something I can relate to on a personal level.  Temples and shrines are such an intregal part of life in Japan…

Ginkaku-ji Temple | 2 Aussie Travellers

Ginkaku-ji | The Silver Pavilion

The Ginkaku-ji temple is in the north east Higashiyama district of Kyoto, which means it’s nestled into the eastern hills at the northern end of the Philosophers path.  As we were staying at the Hotel Granvia in Kyoto station on this trip and the station…


10 Reasons why I Love Nara

I’m often asked what my favourite place in Japan is.  It’s a question I can only answer with a very long list.  I find it a strange question really, it makes me a bit uncomfortable that I can’t provide that single place that they are…

Hie Jinja

Hie Jinja Shrine in the midst of Tokyo

Hie Jinja shrine provides an oasis of nature, tranquility and traditional Japan in the midst of modern Tokyo.  Located in Nagatcho, the Japanese seat of government, it sits amongst the sky scrappers and hubbub of the city that has grown up around it.  The shrine…

Nara Park at Setsubun

10 things I love about Setsubun

Setsubun is a fun Japanese holiday celebrated on the 3rd February.  It marks the last day of Winter and the imminent coming of Spring.  While it’s definitely summer where I am this year I thought I’d share some of our previous Sebsubun experiences in this…

Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto

Japanese New Year Traditions

Japan celebrates New Year, or Oshogatsu in Japanese, on the 1st January.  It’s a particularly important holiday for Japanese families who gather together often in their hometowns to celebrate.  The traditions are a mix from Shinto, Buddhist and modern origins.  Plenty of preparation goes into…

Arashiyama | www.2aussietravellers.com

10 things to see and do in Arashiyama

Tourists have been coming to Arashiyama for 1000 years, so I absolutely had to have it on my ‘must do’ list when we first visited Kyoto.  Arashiyama is a western suburb of Kyoto city and has the attraction of both nature and tradition.  During the…

Festivals in Japan are a fabulous way to enjoy a community atmosphere and local culture. Here's all you need to know to plan a visit to the Nagahama Kabuki Festival

Visting the Nagahama Hikiyama Matsuri

A great day trip from Kyoto is to Nagahama and it’s even better if you can time it to be there on the 15th April for the annual Nagahama Hikiyama matsuri (festival).  It’s a float festival where Kabuki theatre is played out by local boys…