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Roma Mahi leather backpack

Mahi leather travel bag review

Why a Mahi leather travel bag is my ideal travel day bag and carry-on. We look at 2 designs, my review, how I use them, care for them and what they will fit In my recent post on travel essentials for your trip to Japan…

Hotel Reviews

Hotel Reviews

Deciding where to stay when we’re planning our travels is an important part of our decision making and completing the overall itinerary.  We prefer to base ourselves from one place for at least a couple of days at a time rather than moving on every day…

Tempur Transit Pillow

Putting the Tempur Transit Pillow to the Test

They say we spend a third of our lives sleeping and when it comes to my sleep I don’t like to be short changed. I’m someone who sleeps in planes, trains and automobiles. As a kid if I wouldn’t sleep my parents would only need…

Chinese New Year in Sydney

Where to celebrate the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year (CNY)  is such a dramatic and fun celebration to be part of but what do you you do if you can’t travel to China this year to celebrate?  You join the local celebrations in the country you’re…

20 Top cities to visit in 2017

20 Top Cities to Visit in 2017

Last month Conde Nast published their 50 top cities in the world based on votes by over 100,000 travelers.  As I flipped through the list I was nodding at many and intrigued by others I had yet to visit myself.  It’s that time of the…