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Egret Colony Wetlands in Redland

These striking double-winged dragonflies are the Graphic Flutterer, they’re common throughout the summer in Brisbane and we often see them around creeks and still water when we’re out walking.  I love spotting their golden wings next to the bold greens of the grasses, a true ‘Aussie’ colour combination.

They were out in force when we stopped off at the Egret Colony Wetlands in Victoria Point, a green space tucked in between suburban housing and a church.    The area is, as the name implies, wet.  The trees that the egret and many Australian Ibis are roosting in have their feet in the water which probably makes it much better for the birds because it’s not so easy to get in amongst it to see and photograph them.


We saw a number of cattle and intermediate egret and even more ibis but their roosting spots were way up high and without being able to move around freely underneath the opportunity for bird photos was limited.  It’s not somewhere I’d make a special trip to but if you have an interest in birds and are passing it’s well worth a stop.

The main entry point would be the grass reserve on Egret Drive where the dragonflies were but long grass at the water’s edge meant limited ability to view the birds from there unless you were equipped to walk in the water.    We parked on Point O’Halloran Road around the corner and walked down the side of the church to get the best view, it’s quite lush with good diversity for a relatively small area.  I’m constantly surprised at the fabulous spots you come by just stopping to have a wander around, many I’ve driven past dozens of times before something catches my eye and I take the time for a look.


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