Boulders from prehistoric times on the Border track at Lamington National Park

The Best Lamington National Park Walks


We’ve spent some time this summer revisiting the Lamington National Park walks and wanted to share some of our favourites.  There’s something here to suit almost everyone from serious hikers to families catering to little legs.  The great thing about the climate here in south-east…

O'Reillys sunset from the infinity pool

O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat | Gold Coast


We recently spent 3 days in the Lamington National Park as guests of O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat.  We’ve stayed once before many years ago and it’s incredible being right there surrounded by the rainforest 24/7 but still with all the comforts you could wish for.  The…

Wild Horse Mountain - Glasshouse Mountains

A guide to the Glasshouse Mountains National Park


We recently headed away for a couple of days in the Glasshouse Mountains.  This region is one of the 7 National Park on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.    It’s an area of 12 distinctive hills and mountain peaks located inland from the Sunshine Coast.  Their cragged and unusual…

Where to stay

Where to stay when travelling in Australia


Click the Australian state or country button to jump directly to reviews from that region Deciding where to stay when we’re planning our travels is an important part of our decision making and completing the overall itinerary.  We prefer to base ourselves from one place for…


What to do in Ipswich this weekend


Have you visited Ipswich lately?  Being based in Brisbane we regularly jump on the highway and head south until we hit the Gold Coast.  It’s like the car’s on autopilot.  Recently we’ve become curious about Ipswich,  the provincial city that lies in between.  It’s high time…

Nerima Japanese Gardens in Ipswich

Nerima Japanese Gardens in Ipswich


We’ve continued to explore the Ipswich region south of Brisbane this month and recently discovered the Nerima Japanese gardens.  Along with the Ju Raku En gardens in Toowoomba they are one of the best examples of Japanese garden design that we’ve found in Australia.  We…

Billy tea at O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat

Drinking Billy Tea at Lukes Bluff Lookout


You can’t get much more authentically Australian than a mug of billy tea.  Enjoyed by the early settlers to Australia, a staple of bushmen and women across the country and a highly anticipated part of any camping trip.  It’s a good strong brew, simple and…

Glamping in Australia - like camping in nature with a touch of luxuary

Glamping – like camping but not as you know it


As we drove through the Sunshine Coast the cragged Glasshouse mountains loomed up around us.  It’s not much more than an hours drive from Brisbane but the relaxation started almost immediately.  To get a perspective on the mountains, our destination for the next couple of days,…

Things to do in Yamba - Sunset

13 Awesome Reasons to Visit Yamba, NSW


There’s a vibe when you arrive at Yamba on the northern New South Wales coast.  Your breathing slows, your shoulders relax, it feels good to be at the beach. We watch as a fur seal makes a leisurely entrance from the rocks into the water,…