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Where to stay

Deciding where to stay when we’re planning our travels is an important part of our decision making and completing the overall itinerary.  We prefer to base ourselves from one place for at least a couple of days at a time rather than moving on every day even if that means we cover a bit of distance on day trips.  We look for somewhere a little different, somewhere that encapsulates the feel of the area, that is clean, comfortable and often a little quirky.  We aren’t budget travelers but we are looking for the best value and experience.

You know we love fresh local produce so when outside the major cities and tourist resorts being self contained is normally our preference.  While it’s not always possible more often than not we look for accommodation where we can at least prepare one or two meals and then go in search of farmers markets, gate sales and interesting deli’s.

The properties featured on this page are ones that we have stayed at recently and enjoyed (lets be honest if we really didn’t like it, and we don’t think you’ll like it, there’s no fun in writing about it).  Some are ones we’ve booked ourselves, others we stayed as a guest of the resort.  If you click on the link to read our article it will always be clearly disclosed if we were invited guests and our review will give our honest and balanced opinion.  Nothing is going to suit everyone and every circumstance so we focus on our sharing our experience, the facilities and location, why it worked for us and lots of our own photographs so you can assess whether it will suit you.

Where to stay in Australia

Click on the links below the photo to read our full review articles for each property.

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