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Explore Fraser Coast

We’ve been visiting the Wide Bay and Burnett Region for almost 20 years, Hervey Bay continues to call us back but we’ve developed a love for many other fabulous spots in the region. Recently we’ve relocated to this slice of paradise and are looking forward to sharing our many great finds as we explore Fraser Coast.

Whether you love the fabulous beaches and lush rainforests, the rural regions that provide an abundant food bowl or the nostalgic regional towns you are sure to find something to enjoy here.

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If you plan to explore even more of the Wide Bay region you might enjoy these ideas for day trips from Hervey Bay and our complete guide to Bundaberg & Burnett.

Fraser Coast destination guides

We’ve created detailed guides for each of the top tourist destinations in the area. Check these first to help with your trip planning, they include the best things to add to your itinerary and other essential visitor information.

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What to see and do on the Fraser Coast

Our full list of things to do in Hervey Bay is featured above but there is plenty for both visitors and locals to uncover when they explore Fraser Coast. With an idyllic sub-tropical climate, it’s an attractive destination all year round.

Whale watching and the gateway to Fraser Island are what Hervey Bay is perhaps best known for but there are many more options to fill your days.

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When to explore Fraser Coast?

Like most of South East Queensland, Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast enjoys a mild, subtropical climate. The cooler season, from around April to October is the most popular time for visitors with little rain and humidity. It’s a climate suitable for beach days and swimming across a large portion of the year.

The southern humpback whales migrate up the coast from late July until October which coincides with the peak tourism season. We all love the calm waters of the bay at this time of year.

Average summer temperatures would have a daytime high of 30°C and an overnight low of 22°C while winter ranges from 22°C during the day to around 10°C overnight. This is the forecast for the next two weeks.

Where to eat on the Fraser Coast?

We’ll be adding a full article on our top cafes and favourite places to eat on the Fraser Coast soon. Discovering local culinary talent is one of our favourite things to do.

Something that is done very well in the part of the coast is locally made gelatos and ice cream so if you enjoy an icy treat on your day at the beach we share the top spots to go for some decadent options.

And what about the whales!

We’ve been whale watching in many spots around Australia but we believe Hervey Bay offers something really special.

The southern humpback whales migrate from Antarctica up the east coast of Australia to the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef for their breeding season each year. The whales pass close to land on many parts of the migration and some excellent tours leave from a variety of spots including Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Humpback whale from the Spirit of Hervey Bay

What is unique is that Hervey Bay is the only place where they routinely break their frantic pace journey and spend a few days basking in the warm waters of the bay sheltered by Fraser Island. The whales are more relaxed, they spend longer around the boats, many interacting in ways that are less common like repeatedly swimming up to and under the boat and exhibiting a full range of behaviours. That’s why we suggest a whale watching experience is essential to fully explore Fraser Coast.

These links will provide you with more essential information on whale watching in Hervey Bay and we also have detailed reviews of our personal experiences on whale watching tours with the Spirit of Hervey Bay team and on WhaleSong.

If you have any questions about the area please drop them into the comments below or reach out on our social media channels. We’ll be building this resource even further over the next few months so if there is anything you’d like to see reviewed or discussed here please let us know.

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