Best food markets in Japan

The best markets in Japan for foodie travellers

Fish and produce markets in Japan are exceptional for their quality, freshness and variety. These are our top picks from around the country, the must-try dishes from each and essential visitor tips. Discovering the local cuisine, food preparation techniques and produce is a part of…

Mt Nokogiri or Nokogiriyama

A day trip to Nokogiriyama (Mt Nokogiri)

Nokogiriyama, also known as Mt Nokogiri is an interesting mountain to explore in Chiba prefecture. It’s a fun day trip from Tokyo with a ropeway, great views, hiking, a dose of culture, history, and Japans largest Buddha statue. We’d had Mt Nokogiri on our tentative…

Deer and cherry blossom at Miyajima

An itinerary for cherry blossoms in Japan

This diverse 14 day Japan itinerary takes you across the main island on Honshu, from the energy of Tokyo to the natural beauty and culture of Miyajima Island.  It celebrates cherry blossoms, known in Japan as sakura and shares our top tips and best spots…

Autumn in Japan - Sakai garden Osaka

Autumn in Japan – Exploring the Golden Route

Seasons are a highlight of travelling in Japan and the perfect time to experience the Golden Route from Osaka to Tokyo. Autumn in Japan brings colourful leaves known locally as Koyo, seasonal foods and many unique experiences discovering parks, gardens, temples and natural mountain regions….

Headed our in Gion on Kyoto food tour

Join a Kyoto Food Tour and discover the secrets of Gion

Kyoto is a city we absolutely love to visit.  We’ve stayed here regularly on our travels through Japan.  There is so much to discover in its small alleyways and there’s a thriving Kyoto food scene, although it can be difficult to uncover as a first-time…

Things to do in Uji Kyoto

Things to do in Uji | Day Trip

If you want to get away from the crowds and still be within easy reach of the major cities in Kansai, then Uji is worth your consideration.  It’s inexpensive to get here from Kyoto and Osaka, you won’t need a JR pass for this one…

Wisteria in Japan

Where to see wisteria in Japan | Ashikaga Flower Park

When we started planning a late spring trip I knew that catching the wisteria in Japan in their spectacular bloom would be a priority.  We’ve seen the majestic pagodas covered in vines both bare in winter and early spring and in vibrant green leaf through…

18 of the best things to do in Odaiba

One thing is for sure, you won’t run out of things to do in Odaiba.  It’s a shopping and entertainment extravaganza built on 100% reclaimed land.  Make sure you allocate a day to explore all that this futuristic and fun part of Tokyo has to…

Tokyo food tour asakusa

2 mouth-watering Tokyo food tours with Arigato Japan

Do you love Japanese Food? Or perhaps you are finding it difficult to understand what everyone is raving about. These 2 Tokyo food tours will not only help you find the hidden gems but introduce the local foodie culture and etiquette. We’ve made many trips…