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Jan Powers Manly Markets

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I love farm fresh produce and with weekend markets springing up all across Brisbane city it’s now getting easier to find tasty, organic fruit and vegetables.  Jan Powers hosts a variety of Brisbane markets but the first and third Saturday of the month is our local, just down the road at the Manly beachfront.  It’s a doozy with the cooling breezes and sparkling waters of the bay as a backdrop.

The Manly markets aren’t just about fresh fruit and vege either.  Locally sourced or produced fish, meats, salami, breads and cakes are all available.  The best olives and antipasto treats can be picked up here, delicious honey and honeycomb, jams, pickles and ready to go gourmet nibbles.  Today the goat pie and hand made gyoza immediately grabbed my fancy? Yep, I have naughty taste buds that lead my waistline astray even at 6 in the morning.


Manly markets |

Clearly classical music does produce beautifully sweet tomatoes


Manly markets |

How good do these look! I assure you they taste even better although I might never totally get used to having Strawberries in winter rather than Christmas


Manly markets |

Shady trees and sea breeze make the early morning market trip even nicer


Manly markets |

And a little stop to sample a few market treats. A few gyoza here, an Asian omelette there.


The gorgeous location and all the beautifully presented stalls inspired me to load up my market trolley with all manner of healthy, and less virtuous goodies.  There’s a couple of coffee carts too that make very decent brews and ready made snacks to eat on seats under the trees or along the waterfront.

If you want to linger over your caffeine an excellent alternatively is to head out along the wharf to the Jetty Kiosk and sit alongside the marina enjoying your cuppa and a delicious brunch.  The new owners now open daily for coffees, snacks and lunch and for dinner too on the weekend with friendly service and a much improved menu.

Manly markets |

Market Details


Held on the first and third Saturday or each month from 6am until noon.  I do recommend getting in early though, some of the most popular growers do sell out as the morning progresses.


In Manly on Royal Esplanade opposite the village.  The market’s set up in Little Bayside Park in front of the marina and swimming pool.


Do you buy produce at farmers Markets?  Which are your favourite local Markets?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.