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Blooming great tulips in Enoshima

The sight of 20,000 tulips in perfect bloom is extraordinary at any time but in the middle of winter, on top of Enoshima Island, and after having been dusted with flakes of snow several times that morning it was quite unexpected.

Enoshima Island is on the coast of Japan south of Tokyo and Yokohama.  It’s very close to Kamakura and easily combined into a day trip if you’re a quick paced traveller.  We’re snail-paced travellers who stopping to investigate anything that takes our fancy and regularly get lost on purpose so we did the two on separate visits.  You can read about our Kamakura trip here.

We arrived in Enoshima via JR train from Tokyo and the highly unusual hanging Shonan monorail from  Ofuna;  not the quickest way to get there but it was worth the diversion.  The monorail floated so close over local homes and gardens which were bathed in a light dusting of snow.  We’re told snow like that is quite unusual in that part of Japan but the old wobbly monorail was fabulous anyway.  The causeway to Enoshima Island isn’t far from the monorail station and when you arrive on the island there’s a quaint shopping street and cafes.  You can walk the whole island or buy a ticket for the escalators, I didn’t really think we needed them but it’s a different experience ‘climbing’ an island by escalator so why not?  I was quite glad we did after going down to the caves on the other side and climbing back up, it is quite steep so I didn’t feel short of my daily exercise.

Shonan hanging monorail
The 10km Shonan hanging monorail approaching Enoshima
Enoshima Escalators
Escalators to climb Enoshima Island
Tulips normally bloom in spring,  in Japan that is in March or April, they have similar timing to the spring cherry blossom but the thousands on show at Enoshima Island are brought on early for a winter display.  Tulips in Enoshima is advertised as taking place for the month of January but when we visited in was mid February and was still in perfect bloom so I guess nature makes the final call.

Here are a few shots, yes I was a bit over enthusiastic, but they were pretty.  Tulips don’t really grow in the sub-tropics so they were something different for me.

While we weren’t aware of the floral display until we arrived it made an interesting addition to the day.  It was particularly cold and overcast on the day we went so the bright colours seemed almost neon bright.

Have you seen the tulips in Enoshima or other parts of Japan?  Please comment below with your thoughts and whether it’s something you’d consider adding to your itinerary.





  • How great is Japan!? I love it. We definitely plan to go back, and I’d love to see this when we do!
    Thanks for linking up with Wanderlust. 🙂 Hope you’ve found some great blogs – I know I have! And that you’ll link up again next month. 🙂

  • I have tulip photo envy. We visited a tulip festival today and I wish I got some close up shots like you. My problem, I have to take all my photos with a baby strapped to me right now and 2 other monkeys after my attention so I just take a couple and hope they are ok.

  • Wow, what a find in winter time! I love Japan. We did get out of the main cities for a roadtrip to Matsumoto. We visited a wasabi farm and some sake breweries too. It’s an easy weekend trip out of Tokyo but watch the traffic as you come back to the city can be crazy. Your photos make me want to go back!

  • What a gorgeous display, I absolutely adore tulips! I’ve been to Tokyo a couple of times but I’ve never had the chance to venture outside of the city. The monorail sounds like a great experience. I’m hoping to go back to Japan at some point so I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m there x

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