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Australian rural roads

Safe driving tips for outback Australia

This huge country needs exploring. Which means leaving the cities and coastal strip and heading into the heartland. Driving in remote, outback and rural areas is a little different to what the majority of Australians and international visitors do on a day to day basis so here is what you need to know to drive safely in Australia.

Webjet App Review

Get a better deal with the Webjet App

In our years travelling things have changed dramatically.  Inspiration for our early trips came from glossy pamphlets at the travel agent or more often posters of the latest special deals in their high street windows.  Of course back then what we ended up booking was…

kairo Japanese heat packs

The wonders of Kairo – Japanese heat packs

I first heard about the magic of kairo when we were preparing to go to Japan for the Sapporo snow festival.  I live in the sub-tropics and I really don’t like to be cold so I was wondering how people went about day to day life when…

Xmas gifts for travellers nu

9 Perfect Xmas Gifts for Travellers

Travellers can be a little difficult to buy for, particularly those of us that like pretty and practical and don’t want to be weighted down with a mountain of luggage.  Here’s a few of my favourite ideas for holiday gifts for travellers in your life…

Top 7 sun protection product

Ultimate Sun Protection Products For Travellers

Does the concept of protecting your skin from the ultra violet rays, or sun screen in general, leave you a little confused and possibly a bit underwhelmed?  Travelling and our outdoor lifestyle mean I spend a huge amount of time out in the elements, I have pale…