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Rainforest Skywalk on the Gold Coast

Sunday was HOT in Brisbane so we headed for the hills in the hopes of a bit of a cooling breeze, well Mount Tamborine was pretty hot too but we had a fabulous day out in the mountain air.  It’s about an hours drive from Brisbane to Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast hinterland, specifically to the well known Gallery Walk area, a street of craft style shops, wineries and cafes.  The Rainforest Skywalk is just north of the Gallery Walk.

The entry to the Rainforest Skywalk is directly off highway 95, which is a bit more winding and narrow than it sounds but it’s an easy drive.  If you want to plug it into the GPS its 333 Geissman Drive but otherwise don’t worry about the street names, the highway changes names at least half a dozen times through the hinterland for no obvious reason, you just keep following the road.

Rainforest Skywalk

We get out fairly early on the weekend so we ended up at the Skywalk a bit before its 9.30 opening time but the friendly staff were very welcoming and sold us our tickets and let us relax on the deck overlooking the trees until the track inspection was complete and it officially opened for the day.  While sitting on the deck we spotted a few birds including an excellent view of a white throated treecreeper pretty close to our level in the tree canopy.

The walk is very easy, flat shoes are a good idea but this isn’t a hike, its all either on the skywalk or well formed paths.  The elevated paths reduce the need to climb up and down, there are a couple of steps but they are all well formed for easy walking.  Being early we got out on the skywalk on our own and aside from one tour group that rushed past us half way through we only saw a few other people.  It was a different story 90 minutes later when we got back to the cafe (we were definitely the slowest out on the track stopping to look at everything) the carpark was packed, you would likely have had quite a different experience if we were heading out then.

The skywalk and the land it’s situated on are perfectly maintained and offer a wonderful opportunity to see the diverse flora and fauna of the hinterland area, particularly for a tourist without much time to spend or somone with more limited mobility.  We wouldn’t rush back ourselves as we enjoy exploring the many excellent National Park tracks in South East Queensland but we would return with or recommend the Skyway to visitors to the area.  In the immediate area there is the Gallery Walk, Cafes, a boutique cheese factory, wineries, the botanical gardens, walking tracks and picnic areas to explore.

Rainforest Skywalk
Above the creek lookout
Rainforest Skywalk
View from the cantilevered platform



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