Wild kangaroos on the Gold Coast

Wild Kangaroos on the Gold Coast

Do you love Australia’s cute and unique animals? Do you want to see wild wallabies and kangaroos on the Gold Coast? Here’s what you need to know. Australia has some fabulous wildlife parks and they’re a great place for visitors to see the diverse range…

Koala at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

10 reasons to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This week we had the opportunity to visit the Lone Pine koala sanctuary in Brisbane’s western suburbs.  This is the only wildlife park within Brisbane itself and it’s very easy to get to either with your own car or public transport.  We really enjoyed our…

Tangalooma whale watching off Morton Island

Dugongs, Dolphins and Whale Watching from Brisbane

Did you know you could go whale watching from Brisbane? See magnificent humpback whales, dolphins and dugongs just a short boat away off Morton Island. The river is such a dominant part of Brisbane life that many visitors to the city don’t immediately think of…

The Taronga Zoo in Sydneys celebrates 100 years in 2016

Taronga Zoo Sydney

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is located high on a hill on the north side of Sydney Harbour just a 12 minute ferry ride from the city. Not only is it an excellent wildlife park but the views of the city and its iconic opera house and bridge are fantastic.

Green Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog

This little green tree frog was watching us through the window on a coolish winters evening, he does look like he wants to join us on the inside doesn’t he.  Really though the light inside attracts small insects so he can sit there and have…

Banded sea snake

Photo of the week | The Banded Sea Snake

These banded sea snakes, or kraits as they are also called are common in the waters around the Pacific Islands and Indonesia.  These photos were taken off Vitu Levu in Fiji but we saw many of them while snorkeling off Fiji’s many smaller islands. It…


Fleays Wildlife Park

Fleays Wildlife Park is conveniently located in Currumbin on Queenslands Gold Coast. It offers a chance to get up close and learn about many of Australia’s native animals in a casual and relaxed family atmosphere.

Hervey Bay Whales

Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Have you been whale watching in Hervey Bay?  We’ve taken a number of whale and dolphin trips over the years out of different places and while they have all been great in their own way the Hervey Bay experiences really stand out.  Hervey Bay is…

Bush Stone Curlew

Bush Stone Curlew in suburban Brisbane

The bush stone curlew is relatively common in Queensland but has become less common further south particularly in Victoria and NSW where it is now listed as endangered.  If the pair spotted this year nesting in an Airport car-park are anything to go on it’s not surprising…


Snow Monkeys daytrip from Tokyo

The Japanese snow monkeys in Japan are a fabulous experience, especially if you can time your visit for a snowy winters day when you will see their natural area at its best. It’s reasonably easy to do this as an independent day trip from Tokyo. Let us show you how.


Photographing Eastern Osprey in Hervey Bay

Getting to watch an Osprey is always a magical experience, they’re skilled hunters and dramatic in flight.  Earlier this week in Hervey Bay we were lucky enough to see a good number of Eastern Osprey at Urangan, Dundowran and Gatakers Beaches.  These photos were all…


Koala in the Brisbane neighbourhood

Koalas are an internationally recognized symbol of Australia so it’s not surprising when I’m asked by people overseas whether they live in my garden.   They’re really fussy on what trees they like so they’re not likely to venture into my yard often but they are…