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tree top walk

Rainforest Skywalk on the Gold Coast

Sunday was HOT in Brisbane so we headed for the hills in the hopes of a bit of a cooling breeze, well Mount Tamborine was pretty hot too but we had a fabulous day out in the mountain air.  It’s about an hours drive from Brisbane…

Black Duck Lagoon

A Walk Around Black Duck Reserve

Black Duck Reserve is a series of lagoons with walking paths at Marrumba Downs just off the Bruce Highway about 26km north of Brisbane.   Although the reserve is part of a residential estate the lagoon system is large and clean attracting a good variety of…

Australian Brush Turkey

Australian Birds – Brush Turkey

How cute is this? When we were out at the Pine River Osprey House there were several of these really young Brush-Turkeys wandering around the picnic area.  Despite being very young they show no fear of people or the Grey Butcher Bird who seemed determined…