Best Japanese Gardens - Tokyo Imperial Palace

10 Top Japanese gardens to visit

Japanese gardens aren’t just beautiful and relaxing spaces. They’re full of history, culture and tradition. These are 10 of the top gardens in Japan, they feature traditional Japanese garden design techniques and an all-season appeal that makes them well worth a visit.

The complete guide to sakura in Kyoto, Japan

Cherry Blossom in Kyoto – 15 top spots and events

Headed to Kyoto for spring time? It’s one of our favourite sakura spots in Japan so here are some of the best locations and events for viewing cherry blossom in Kyoto. In early March cherry blossom fever hits Kyoto.  The ume (peach blossom) are wafting…

Miyajima Island

A Visitors Guide to Miyajima Island

A day trip to Miyajima Island is a must do while in Hiroshima. It’s one of Japans top 3 scenic spots, easy to get to and there’s so much to see and do here If you’re staying in Hiroshima then we’d recommend spending a full…

A day trip to Enoshima

A day trip to Enoshima

Take a day trip from Tokyo to Enoshima. The island has been a tourist escape for centuries but now is only 70 minutes from central Tokyo. Enoshima offers something for everyone; great food, caves, gardens, shrines, views history and beaches.

chirashi-zushi also called scattered sushi

Chirashi Zushi | Scattered Sushi

On our travels in Japan we’ve enjoyed chirashi zushi from Osaka all the way up to Sapporo.  It’s a delicious bed of perfectly seasoned sushi rice topped with anything from a layer to a mound of fresh seafood, vegetables and other condiments.   We’ve had…

Styles of sushi

The many forms and styles of sushi

We adore Japanese food and nothing beats fresh sushi whether it’s served up near Omi-Cho in the coastal city of Kanazawa or in a tiny sushi restaurant outside Tokyo’s famous fish market.  To be honest we’ve had some amazing sushi all across the country.  We adore…

Korakuen garden in Okayama

Korakuen Garden in Okayama

The Korakuen Garden in Okayama is rated as one of the top 3 gardens in Japan.  That’s high praise in a country with the so much natural beauty and so many highly prized gardens.  Having visited though I’d have to agree that this garden is…


Exploring the Hiroshima Peace Park

The Hiroshima Peace Park (known as Heiwakinen in Japanese) is the first place most visitors to the city aim for when they arrive.  Whether you’re making an intercity day trip or intend to base yourself in Hiroshima for a few days you’re unlikely to come to town…

Everything you need to know about Shichi-go-san celebrations

Shichi-go-san festival in Japan

There’s not much that’s more adorable, or kawaii I guess, than dozens of young children in traditional kimonos.  It’s a sight you’re likely to see a lot in Shinto shrines during the shichi-go-san festival in mid November.  An excess of cuteness and so many bright colours is a photographers dream…

Hakone cable car

Hakone Freepass | Is it good value?

Hakone is a popular day-trip from Tokyo or an interesting short stay option.  For visitors who want an onsen experience while in Japan but don’t have the time to travel further afield it’s easily accessible in Hakone and there’s so much more to see and…

The gardens of Gion Kaburenjo Theatre

Exploring the geisha districts of Kyoto

Planning to see geisha in Kyoto?  Head into the areas where they live and entertain.  These geisha districts are known as hanamachi and there are 5 in Kyoto. The city of Kyoto is a dream for anyone with an interest in Japanese history.  It’s a…

Osaka Amazing Pass | Is it good value?

We often don’t find city passes or discount passes to be great deals for us because we’re slow travellers.  We like to have a good look around, spend some downtime in a local cafe or tea shop, take time out to eat and wander off…