Osaka Castle

Things to do in Osaka | Travel Guide

An Osaka travel guide that answers all your questions as a first time visitor. How to get to the city, the diversity of things to do in Osaka plus where to eat, play and stay.  We’ll share the most popular places that should not be…

Why an Okinawa trip is on our wish list

Why an Okinawa trip is on our wish list

Sponsored post in conjunction with Be.Okinawa If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll know that Japan is one of our top destinations to travel to and that we also love to relax and explore the Pacific Islands.  The idea of combining the best…

Autumn colours at Eikando in Kyoto

Autumn in Japan – Exploring the Golden Route

Seasons are a highlight of travelling in Japan and the perfect time to experience the Golden Route from Osaka to Tokyo. Autumn in Japan brings colourful leaves known locally as Koyo, seasonal foods and many unique experiences discovering parks, gardens, temples and natural mountain regions.

Things to do in Hakodate

24 hours in Hakodate, the gateway to Hokkaido

Are you considering taking the train to Japans northern island? Heres our top things to do in Hakodate & reasons to stop and explore the gateway to Hokkaido. I love train travel and the Japanese Shinkansen are my personal favourite.  Not only are they super…

Hakodate morning market

Eating your way through the Hakodate morning market

I opened my hotel window to some morning drizzle and a sea of umbrellas passing by down below.  We only had 24 hours in Hakodate and the number one item on my agenda, like any enthusiastic foodie, was the Hakodate morning market located down near…

Wa-Rasse Nebuta Museum Aomori

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri and the Wa-Rasse Experience

The Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is held in early August. If you can’t be in town for the festival you can still experience it at the Wa-Rasse Nebuta museum. We regularly plan our Japan trips to include community events and festivals.  It’s such a fun time…

Island Lake Towada

Things to do in Aomori | Travel Guide

Your guide to exploring the northernmost prefecture of Honshu, Japan. From the cities to the wilderness, lakes, waterfalls and wonderful onsen. We share our top things to do in Aomori together with where to eat, play & stay in this practical travel guide. Located at…

A Visitors Guide to the Tokyo Imperial Palace

A guide to what to see and do at the Tokyo Imperial Palace. History, architecture, a museum, music and spectacular gardens. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is a site most will enjoy visiting while in the city.  It’s situated right in the heart of Tokyo on…

What to pack for Japan – our Japan travel essentials

A few insider tips on what to bring to Japan can make all the difference. We share what we’ve learned in this essential Japan packing list for first time visitors. I’m not going to insult your intelligence here by telling you how many pairs of socks…

Daigoji temple - Bentendo Hall

Daigoji Temple and a Sakura Festival

Local festivals are a great time to visit a Japanese Temple or Shrine. This large UNESCO listed temple is especially beautiful during the cherry blossoms and the Hanami Gyoretsu festival but it’s not the only season that it’s excels.

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, Japan

Umeda Sky Building Views Over Osaka

Get a birds eye view of Osaka city from the Umeda Sky Building. Orientate youreself ready to start exploring and spot iconic locations like Osaka Castle and the lights of Dotonbori.

Kamogawa River from Gion in Kyoto

Kyoto Walking Tour – Central Kyoto

Explore the city with this self guided Kyoto walking tour around central Kyoto. Follow the marked route or pick attractions to suit your interests. This Kyoto walking tour of central Kyoto is entirely self guided.  Take it at your own pace and spend the most…