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New Farm to City Riverwalk Reopened

Brisbane city enjoys a relaxed and casual vibe with its river front location and great climate. Whether you're visiting the city for the day or looking to get out and about in your home town the city riverwalk provides another great option to get out and about in Queensland.

This week I headed in to test out the brand new walkway on the Brisbane river between New Farm and the city.  It’s an easy walk about 3km all up each direction and a great way to spend a spring morning.

Brisbane is a river city.  Most of the time its beautiful to see it meandering through our city and suburbs but occasionally it can be brutal.  If you were in Brisbane at the time you will remember the floods of 2011 that submerged and broke apart the original floating walkway.  You may also remember Doug Hislop and Peter Fenton, the reluctant heros and who got the enormous sections under control with their tug before they could do further damage to the bridges down the river.  The re-opening of the walkway in a way symbolises the resilience of the Australian people, we face natures wrath across the states on a semi-regular basis but together we always bounce back.

The new river walk is bigger and better.  This time it’s grounded in the bedrock of the river to keep it firmly in place in future.  It’s wider and has dedicated pedestrian and cycle sections to make it safer.  There are also a number of shaded seating areas and water fountains along it.

Brisbane city has the perfect climate and river front setting to support casual and relaxed vibe. Enjoy your time exploring Brisbane and get out and active on the city to New Farm river walk.
Brisbane city has the perfect climate and river front setting to support casual and relaxed vibe. Enjoy your time exploring Brisbane and get out and active on the city to New Farm river walk.


On it’s second week and still with some cosmetic finishing touches underway, the walkway is already quite popular.  On an early weekday morning it’s busy with city commuters, exercisers and a few tourists.

If you’re visiting Brisbane and staying in the city then a walk along to New Farm is a great addition to your itinerary, taking the ferry in one direction is an option allowing you to get off at another stop to look around.  If you aren’t used to the sub-tropical climate consider walking early morning or later in the day during the summer months, the river breeze is lovely but there isn’t any shade out there so it can get a bit warm.  Another alternative is to make use of the City Cyle Scheme, you can pick up and drop off cycles at stations in the City, New Farm and many other city fringe suburbs.


While the budget blowout from the project will no doubt be debated for some time don’t let that stop you getting out and enjoying this addition to the Brisbane city walking paths.  It’s a really great way to enjoy our beautiful city and this gorgeous spring weather.

Have you tried out the re-opened New Farm to City Riverwalk in Brisbane?


  • It looks like such a wonderful place to walk along the water like that! I would love to go there, especially to go for a bike ride or a long walk. Thank you so much for linking up with #WeekendWanderlust! For next time, please attach our badge to the bottom of your post, along with a link back to a host blog’s link-up for that week just so other people can find the link party! Here are some instructions if you need them: . Hope you link up again with us next week! 🙂

    • Hi Lauren, I sent you a message about the link, I can’t get the code to work. Not sure why I’m only getting partial text and no picture, the code format looks similar to others used. If I can work it out I’ll try linking up again some time.

  • Gorgeous!! I just want to jump on my bicycle and ride forever. I think the $$ is worth it – walkability is such a great mark of high quality of life in a city. Great post and pics!

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