A Visitors Guide to the Tokyo Imperial Palace

A guide to what to see and do at the Tokyo Imperial Palace. History, architecture, a museum, music and spectacular gardens. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is a site most will enjoy visiting while in the city.  It’s situated right in the heart of Tokyo on…

Okayama Castle in Japan

A visit to Okayama Castle

Okayama castle is easily accessed from the main Sanyo bullet train line making it a practical day trip from Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. For anyone with an interest in castles, gardens or Japans feudal history Okayama is a worthwhile city to visit.

Hikone castle

A visit to Hikone Castle town

Hikone Castle is an Edo period castle in Shiga Prefecture.  It’s one of only 12 castles in Japan where the main keep is still standing and one of only 4 that are listed as National Treasures.  On a previous trip to Japan we visited Himeji…

Hiroshima A-dome

Hiroshima Self Guided Walking Tour

Our first stay in Hiroshima was planned mostly to give us a full day to explore Miyajima Island, it wasn’t until we were sitting on the Shinkansen from Tokyo that I started wondering how I would actually feel wandering around Hiroshima.  It’s a city with…

Himeji Castle | 2 Aussie Travellers

A visit to Himeji Castle

The first two images I saw of Japan as a young child were of Himeji Castle surrounded by cherry blossom and a Geisha standing on a small bridge.  They awakened my fascination with the country, it’s history and it’s culture.  From our first visit that…