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The Peak in Hong Kong

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This weeks photo is taken from the Peak in Hong Kong several years ago on my first solo international trip.  This isn’t the sharpest or best photo from this fabulous vantage point over the city but it’s the one from my collection that encapsulates so much of how my senses remember (and love) the city.

  • The haze over the city and harbour is there more days than it isn’t throughout the year
  • The construction materials peaking in at the lower left of the picture are ever present across a city that’s in a constant state of flux and change
  • The buildings standing shoulder to shoulder reaching up each proud and unique, many seem almost as high as Victoria Peak itself
  • The little copse of green in the lower right, representative of the little patches of peace and respite that are tucked away across the city waiting for you to discover them
  • Then in the far distance are the green hills and wide open spaces of the New Territories

The tram on the way up is an experience all of it’s own.  Don’t find an alternate way up, you really want to try it.  The tram has been operating since 1888 and climbs at an almost impossible angle.  I’m really not sure how people remained standing rather than ending up in a heap at the back of the carriage.  I was definitely pleased I ended up near the front of the queue and got a seat.

While you’re on Victoria Peak there are several positions near your arrival point that offer great aspects over the city and harbour below.  There are also great vistas from the Peak Tower’s large viewing platform and the Peak Galleria that has an observation deck with free entry.

If you have time though a good look around is in order so take the 3.5km Peak Circle Walk to get your bearings on the city in all directions, absolutely stunning.  Don’t miss the Lugard Road Lookout and Lions View Point Pavillion as you go.

By now you’re probably ready for a bit of refreshment, a steaming cup of tea, an icy drink or perhaps a meal in one of the restaurants before you continue on with your day.  You can also take a look around the shops in the Galleria if you haven’t shopped yourself out already in this city.  I’m no shopper but even I managed to get caught up in the shopping mania of Hong Kong although I did resist the temptations of The Peak, to many other places to explore on a sunny day.

For more information on Hong Kong you might want to check out:  The Great Buddha of Lantau Island


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.