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Toowoomba’s annual street art festival

A highlight in the May calendar for fans of outdoor art is Firstcoat, the Toowoomba street art festival.  First Coat is an initiative where local and international artists are invited to revive a city wall with colour, drama and creativity.  Legal walls are volunteered by local business for the event and artists are each assigned a large scale design space.  The success of the event is due to the co-operation between the regional council, businesses, sponsors, artists and the First Coat team.

Toowoomba street art - 57 supersized murals painted by local and international artists
Toowoomba street art - 57 supersized murals painted by local and international artists
Toowoomba street art - 57 supersized murals painted by local and international artists

While we’ve enjoyed the huge murals on previous visits to the regional city this is the first time we’ve been in town for the festival.  Now in it’s third year the 10 day event is definitely attracting more international attention and making Toowoomba one of Australia’s top destinations for murals on legal walls.  Contrary to what the critics might expect the region has struck a successful balance between its zero tolerance policy on graffiti and a modern regional city that celebrates creative expression.

I’ve written before about my love for the Toowoomba street art around the city and in this years event another round of 25 murals were added to that collection.  Come take a look.

Murals in progress

Although the murals are there for the long term there are benefits to heading in during the festival.  Mainly of course to watch the artists working and have the opportunity to chat to some of them.  Across the 10 days you’ll also find live music, art workshops, performance arts and other exhibitions.

As we weaved our way through the city lane-ways on the final Saturday there was a combination of completed works and others still underway.  Adding to the atmosphere there’s live music and of course the chance to try out some of Toowoombas growing cafe scene.  By this point some of the artists were checking out colleagues creations and preparing for that nights closing party.  Here’s a few where the creators were still onsite working and engaging with the crowd.

Gimiks Born

Gimiks Born is a favourite artist for a previous years piece of a girl holding  swan.  Knowing he only had a couple of hours to go at this point before the family headed back to Brisbane I was amazed at the detail in the finished moose mural, you can see it on his linked Instagram account.  Next time we’re in the area we’ll definitely pop back to see the finished version.

Vans the Omega

Designs underway at Toowoomba street art festival - Firstcoat
Another one still being worked on was by Vans the Omega, an Australian artist from South Australia.  It was close to finished when we stopped by and is a great example of his work incorporating shapes and intricate patterns.

Several artists we noticed had sketched their designs but it was interesting to see he was working from a small photo taped to the wall along side.  It’s always impressive to see an artist working on something of this scale where they keep perfect perspective despite only looking at a fraction of the canvas at a time.

Although he calls Adelaide home he’s spent the past 15 years travelling and creating his art on walls around the world.  It’s hard to imagine a better outcome than being able to combine travel and artistic skill leaving your your mark on each city as it leaves it’s mark on you.


Fintan Magee

This one was in early stages but they come together amazingly quickly, he had a complete version up on instagram by Monday.  Fintan also painted the huge elephant on Ruthvan Street / Union Street during an earlier festival which is probably one of the most prominent sites in the centre of town.  Although we claim him as a Brisbane artist he’s worked on large scale art projects all over the world in recent years.

Toowoomba street art favourites

The town now has 57 murals by my count and has plans to grow that further with future festivals.  Given most are in lane-ways and back streets it’s not a overpowering feature of the city.  If you walk or drive though Toowoomba its the parks, huge tree’s framing the wide avenues and heritage buildings that you will notice first.  The progressive nature of the area though is peeping through and we love their out door art collection.

And make sure you grab a coffee and a bite

The first few times we were in Toowoomba we failed miserably at finding a decent coffee let alone lunch.  I’m very happy to say things have changed a lot on that front recently so here are three spots that we wandered into on our walk and would recommend.  Admittedly chosen for their artisitic bent in line with the theme of the day but we would absolutely return for their coffee and quality.  We also made a mental note of a couple more to try out next time we’re passing through.


If you’re in the southern Darling Downs area or looking for a day trip from Brisbane or the Gold Coast Toowoomba might be a surprising choice.

Do you enjoy street art? Where are some of the more unlikely places that you’ve spotted some stand out art recently?  We’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.


  • I totally love street art – and I have become addicted to taking pictures of it. Street art provides great Instagram opportunities. I haven’t seen any in unlikely opportunities but I am so thrilled when I find street art.

  • I am yet to explore festival as part of my travel. This one really look so enthralling. You have inspired me to explore such street festivals. Thanks.

  • I would love this kind of festival. I lived close to Toowoomba a few years ago when I was in Australia. I remember seeing great street art in Melbourne too. These pieces are fantastic! Thanks for sharing

  • Amazing. Here in Sao Paulo, we also have so many murals and I love walking around and checking them out. There is a famous alley here in SP, called Beco to Batman [Batman’s Alley]. They often redo a lot of the murals to keep everything fresh so that even if you live here, if you return every couple of weeks, you will see new murals. Love it!

  • What a fantastic initiative – and the colors are so vibrant! It definitely brightens up the city and we benefit from absolutely stunning murals that otherwise wouldn’t have anywhere (legal!) to be displayed! Melbourne has a great street art scene also and I think it is largely from the council permitting street art which draws artists rather than just taggers.

  • This is absolutely stunning. I love the variety of the street art. I haven’t seen one up and personal where it truly wowed me like this has in the pictures

    • I agree, we don’t spend much time in big cities because I find them overpowering pretty quickly but there are a few I would love to visit even if just for their art. I see you are in Japan at the moment and planning to get around a good amount of it, we’ve been as far north as Sapporo but only south to Fukuoka on Kyushu. Will be following along to see some new places to add to our next trip.

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