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Japan is a country of contrasts.  From the snowy northern reaches of Hokkaido to the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa.  From the historic shrines and castles of the feudal towns to the futuristic electronic superstores in Tokyo.  And as a foodie who could ignore the contradictions of a simple bowl of rice that must remain completely unadorned to the complex and perfectly balanced traditional kaiseki-ryōri menu.  You are never quite sure what to expect next in Japan but it’s almost certainly going to be an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Which cities and regions are you most interested in?

If you’re planning to travel in a specific city click the button below to read articles related to that region.  We’ve made 2 more visits to Japan this year and are adding new content regularly so check back regularly or follow along with 2 Aussie Travellers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter to see the latest articles as they’re published.

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Tips on getting around in Japan

We have a range of posts to help you get around in Japan and understand the value and convenience of different transport options.  You might have heard of the JR Pass for getting around the country, we love it but it’s not a cost effective option for every visit.  There are also a whole range of alternatives that you’ll want to understand, especially if you’ll be mostly exploring one city.

Transport in Japan

Japan Travel tips for visitors

Japan travel tips

Seasons Matter

We live in a sub-tropical climate in Queensland, Australia.  Our seasons aren’t clearly defined so it’s such a novelty to experience them in Japan.  Not only are they each distinct in weather but you’ll find the natural landscape, the festivals and styles of food are all quite different.

Seasons in Japan


There are so many fabulous festivals in Japan and they are a great way to interact with the local community.  They also provide an opportunity to learn a little about the history and culture of the country.  This link will take you to a full list of our festival and event posts or you can follow the links below to some of the more popular ones.

Festivals and events in Japan

An Adventure in Japanese Food

Finally one of the essentials of travel is to enjoy, or at least try, the local cuisine.  In Japan there are so many dishes that I love, a handful I was happy to try once or twice and very very occasionally something that I refuse to eat such as the whale meat restaurant in an arcade in Sapporo.  It might have been a once in a lifetime experience but I just couldn’t do it.   Here are a few of the top choices though.

Japan food

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