Baileys Ice Cream Recipe

Smooth and creamy Baileys Ice Cream

Summer, beach days and ice cream.  They’re just made to go together.  When the temperature starts hitting over 30° on a regular basis, I guess thats over 85° for those that work in farenheit, my mind turns to  new ice cream creations and this past…

Rhubarb and white chocolate crumble recipe

Rhubarb and white chocolate crumble

Rhubarb and white chocolate crumble was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the big bunches of bright scarlet rhubarb for sale at our local farmers market this weekend.  It was an old winter favourite in New Zealand but it’s not something…

Spicy roasted edamame

Spicy roasted edamame

Oh my goodness, these spicy roasted edamame beans are the bomb! Edamame are young soybeans and are a really common bar snack in Japan.  They are usually served still in the pod, steamed lightly and dressed with a little salt.  I love them and as…

Caramel coffee syrup

Caramel Coffee Syrup

I’d got into a bit of a habit of buying a bottle of caramel coffee syrup in my weekly shop recently.  It really does make sitting out my garden with a cup of coffee feel a little bit special and indulgent.  Those little bottles of…

Chai spice sugar cookies

Chai spice sugar cookies

As our taste buds continue to circle the globe this week I couldn’t go past the evocative aromas and flavour of India’s masala chai tea. While it’s so delicious and calming to sip on I was looking for a way to invoke those same senses in the cookie tin with this weeks baking. What I came up with are these chai spice sugar cookies, they have a double hit of spice and are oh so good!

Char siu - Chinese BBQ Pork

Char Siu | Chinese BBQ Pork

I walked past the char siu and BBQ duck hanging in the window in Market Square and had immediate cravings for Asian BBQ.  Unfortunately I’m still reacting badly to pretty much every chemical, colouring and additive so I had to find a work around in my own kitchen…

chirashi-zushi also called scattered sushi

Chirashi Zushi | Scattered Sushi

On our travels in Japan we’ve enjoyed chirashi zushi from Osaka all the way up to Sapporo.  It’s a delicious bed of perfectly seasoned sushi rice topped with anything from a layer to a mound of fresh seafood, vegetables and other condiments.   We’ve had…

Beef sausage rolls recipe

Beef Sausage Rolls

With Australia day approaching I like to have a batch of sausage rolls handy for picnics or when friends stop by.  This recipe is fast to put together, the uncooked rolls can be frozen and cooked later or the cooked rolls can be stored in the…

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Our predicted week of tropical summer wet turned into just the one day of rain.  It was very much appreciated by my garden and the water tank but now the sun is back and the humidity is climbing so this weekend we’ll head on up to the…

Baileys chocolate truffles

Baileys chocolate truffles

At this time of year the kitchen is in a constant state of production, with getting ready for the big day, all the events in the lead up and a bit of pre-planning for New Years celebrating.  There’s a temptation for each creation to become…

Chocolate brownie slice

Fast chocolate brownie slice

This slice is quick to make and it’s always popular.  We spend most of our free time in the summer exploring the local and not so local area so I like a fairly robust slice to take in the picnic box.  I hate it when…